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I didn’t even know Melbourne has a secret society Jazz party, but apparently they do! This new video by Jazz Party called ‘Rock N’ Roll Graveyard’, features the group giving you a walkthrough tour of a place with weird and wonderful people. Somewhat like that scene from Goodfellas! I don’t know if this video was shot in one take though.

Actually scratch that; Jazz Party let me know that they actually did do it in one take.

According to the band’s Saxophonist, Darcy, this track came to him when his heart and bank account were empty:

“After hearing RRGY, someone told me about a gothic church in Prague that’s been built with human bones. You can build a song from things you find and dig up in life and music. A moon, a girl… Sometimes you find some bones and other times you just dig a hole for yourself to lie down in…I wrote this song when my heart and bank account were empty and I’m pretty happy with It.”

Jazz Party will also be celebrating the launch of their new single on Holloween night over at The Curtin on Lygon Street, Carlton.

‘Rock N’ Roll Graveyard’ Single Launch

The Curtin – 29 Lygon Street, Carlton

Monday 31 October (Cup Eve/Halloween)

+ Tanzer, Laneous (solo set), DJs China Bone and DJ Percy Valentine.

Doors 8pm – late — Tickets on sale now via — $20 / $25 at Door

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