Earlier this year Lupa J dropped her EP ‘My Right Name’ to great acclaim from the Australian music industry. In fact, ‘Numb’, literally the first track from the EP, was my favourite of all the tracks, so I was really interested to see how a remix of it would go. The remix of Numb was done by Mara from Sydney, and she did a pretty good job with it, making it more atmospheric and contain minimal vocals as possible. How did the others go?

This Remix EP includes remixes from friends and respected musicians Marcus Whale, OK Sure and Elkkle, as well as Lupa J live band members, Nathan Moas (Land Systems) and Mara Schwerdtfeger (mara); remixing Lupa J’s original EP. I have to admit: While I did hype up ‘Numb’ as my favourite track from the original EP, it wasn’t my favourite remix of the EP. In fact, the remix I liked the most was Teeth and Loud Talk.

One recurring theme I found throughout the EP was that a whole lot of songs in this remix feel like the original music and vocals were taken out and replaced with atmospheric sounds and large surroundings. Not that that is a bad thing at all, because it isn’t; I actually enjoyed the two remixes of ‘Teeth and Loud Talk’ by Elkkle and Marcus Whale the most. They are powerful and I love the big atmosphere feel to them both that the artists have created.

The best thing I got out of this EP – besides new music – was the chance to discover new artists that I am keen to go and check out.

For comparisons sake, you can also listen to the original EP from Lupa J below – the only songs that are missing from the above remix are Interlude, Broken Mirrors and My Right Name, but that’t not a big deal at all.

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