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Young Monks (Matt Santos (vocals); Sam Koster (guitar, vocals, production); Stephen Reinhart (guitar, vocals) and Tommy Caldwell (guitar)) have released on of the most mind-altering videos for their latest single ‘Bad Bad Freddy’; I don’t know who Freddy is or if it has any relation to Freddy Kruger, but probably not.

‘Bad Bad Freddy’ was created in the band’s living rooms through various processes. Bad Bad Freddy is auditory trip bursting with the experimental and mind-altering sounds of the psychedelic ‘60s, funky ‘70s and heavy-hearted ‘80s. On the creation of the video, Young Monks self-directed and produced it, and got their hands dirty in the technical side of things when it came to building the puppets that feature throughout the video.

“We actually wrote the riff about 9 months ago when we were rehearsing, and since then it’s always been a favourite of ours. We decided to give it some flavour and begin a demo of it… it underwent a few chorus changes over the 6 or 7 sessions and we landed on something that we enjoyed to groove to.”

You can check out the video I have been going on and on about in this post for yourself below:

I don’t actually know much about Young Monks at all, so it was only right that I went through their Soundcloud page and had a listen to their previous tracks to gain an opinion on them. I’m really digging the comfy vibes they have in their tracks.

Get to now Young Monks


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