After releasing her first single Carry On ft. Killer Mike (from Run The Jewels) to critical acclaim, Tkay Maidza is back with a new track, which is also the second single, called ‘Simulation’, off her debut album, ‘Tkay’, due out next Friday, October 28 via the good folks over at Dew Process and Universal Music Australia. Now, while I was listening to the track (via the video below) it took me a minute or so to realise that the video was actually moving and it wasn’t just audio, I thought that was a really nice touch that I didn’t expect!

On the production of the new track, this track was written in collaboration with her DJ and producer LK McKay and fellow musician George Maple.

Tkay says the track is about changing your lifestyle when it becomes too comfortable and lazy and;

“hoping to find something real after everything that is calculated and planned disappears. It’s so common that people get lazy when they feel content because they have partially achieved their goals and are living the way they dreamt about, thus beginning to think it’ll last forever…. I have noticed that things constantly change, so when something doesn’t go to plan it’s like cracks in the simulation become visible.”

Tkay Maidza’s debut album ‘TKAY’ is scheduled for release in Australia and New Zealand on Friday, October 28, 2016, via Dew Process & Universal Music Australia.

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