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Get to know Mugzy


Mugzy is an Australian musician from Sydney that recently got in contact with me and was nice enough to ask me to check out his music and write something about him. So I went over to his Revernation page and checked out his music. He has a total of 20 songs on Reverbnation, so that took a while to go through them all, but I did, and I am going to share with you the tracks I enjoyed; which I hope you do too!

Note: I am not going to talk about all 20 songs, I will only be talking about the tracks I enjoyed.

His music is hip-hop inspired; while he has also developed his own style of grit, raw lyrics, aggression and abrasiveness; and studied Hip-Hop throughout his career, he found further inspiration from some of the greatest legends in the hip-hop genre: 2 Pac, Biggie, 50 Cent, DMX, & searched further into the roots of Hip-Hop to re-discover artists like Public Enemy, NWA & Nas. This is Mugzy:

The first track [chronologically] on his Reverbnation is the track ‘Understand Me’. When I first heard it, I thought it was just going to be a piano song, but his vocals kick in pretty quick and throughout the track.

‘Theme People’ is the second song out of 20 that I really enjoyed. Mugzy has made me realise their is a lot of people out there that like to shove, dance, run and grove. I feel like most of the people mentioned in the actual song are those that attend gigs.

Legends is a song I enjoyed because it actually reminds me of earlier N.W.A. tracks; that fast, hip-hop song with quick lyrics, slick beats and vibes, and prominent lyrics.

Notable mentions go to ‘Superheroes‘, ‘Strictly A Bitch‘, ‘Wack Emcee’s‘, ‘My Journey‘, and his three collaborations with Eden Hook: ‘Rain‘, ‘Lay It Down‘, and ‘Dreams‘.

Those were a lot of songs to get through, but I enjoyed them a lot. Those three at the top are worth listening to, and the notable mentions to. Don’t forget, this post is just subjective, I am sure you will enjoy Mugzy’s music in your own way and probably enjoy his songs different to than how I do. I highly suggest heading on over to Mugzy’s Reverbnation page and giving his music a listen to.

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