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Tia Gostelow is somewhat of a new artist here in Australia, she also recently won Triple J Unearthed High’s Indigenous Initiative and placing her as a Triple J Unearthed High finalist. As far as independent artists go, she’s quite successful!

Now with a solid team behind her Tia Gostelow is ready to release her second offering called, “Vague Utopia”.

On the creation of the song, Tia noted how her work is very “chilled” and perfect for a Sunday afternoon or road trip:

“I tend to develop songs, even happy ones, with minor chords so they can still sound melancholy even if I’m not writing about heartbreak. But most of my work is usually very chilled, so it’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon or a road trip, where you can feel comfortable and relaxed and just take the time to listen to the lyrics.”

Lyrically the song draws directly from her current life, reflecting on the feelings of a young woman on cusp of adulthood. “It’s that feeling of “almost” – school’s “almost” over, we’re “almost” adults and “almost” in a world other than school.” Explains Tia.

As stated above, this is Tia’s second track, her first track is called ‘State of Art’, which I played on the program last week, but you can listen to that below.

I am looking forward to seeing more from Tia in the future. But as for now, you can check out her music above and on tonight’s program of Eat This Music from 10PM on 2GLF.

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