friendships collaborate with HABITS on their new track ‘Spit::Flesh::Splinter’

Friendships have formed a really cool partnership for their fourth track from their debut album with fellow Melbournian HABITS!

The track features a whole lot of darkness and weird vibes, and dancing, and lights, and people doing all types of stuff that are hard to explain. Not that that’s a bad thing at all, because the track is really cool and so is the actual music video, which you can watch for yourself below.

Mischa Grace, the visual half of friendships, talked about the collaboration with HABITS and how this track is a reminder to strip down to yourself:

“This is an anthem for honesty, a theme song for strength. A chaotic reminder to strip down to your realest self. Create you space, own it, let your identity be known and demand for it to be respected. This video is a visual spew of that.”

Spit::Flesh::Splinter is the 4th video from friendships’ debut album ‘Nullarbor 1988-1989.’ The song and videpoo is a collaboration with fellow Melbourne act, HABITS. Due out now via Dot Dash / Remote Control.

Or just head on over to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or Remote Control to stream/purchase your copy of their debut album now!

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