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Simona Castricum is a singer/DJ from Melbourne, and she recently released a self-video of her travels in Los Angeles, California and New York City while she was recently in the US for a tour. Simona’s ‘Nights Don’t Breathe’ is also part of Simona’s new piece for the 2016 ARHA Architecture & Feminisms Conference in Stockholm, which she will be presenting at this November.

As stated in the title, this feature is about Simona’s emotions around street harassment and how to mentally prepare for a journey at night for non-conforming folk of gender:

“Nights Don’t Breathe’ taps into my emotions around street harassment. Mentally preparing for a journey at night to and from the club for gender non-conforming folk is ever present work. Transmisogyny is a unique type of violence framed by toxic masculinity and cisnormativity we need to unpack to make safer spaces.”

Look out for Simona during October and November 2016 in Melbourne at:

LISTEN Conference / 14, 15, 16 October 2016
Spiral Opening / 18 October 2016
¿Club D’érange? / 29 October 2016
Swampland Issue 01 Launch / 3 November 2016
Cherchez La Femme / 5 November 2016
Paradise 2016 / 25, 26, 27 November 2016

‘Nights Don’t Breathe’ by Simona Castricum from her critically acclaimed 2016 album ‘#TriggerWarning40’. #TriggerWarning40 is out now through LISTEN Records. Available on 12” vinyl via Bandcamp and digitally from BandCamp, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and all good music streaming platforms.

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