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Liz Loughrey is a Toronto-based Soul/Pop artist that likes to make music, and not just for the sake of making music, but also to help others – not that other artists don’t like helping people – in a way that gives back to those that can’t stand up for themselves. Liz created these ‘Rise Up Workshops’ which has Liz visiting schools across the country to encourage youth to think outside the box and start making their own positive impact on their community (as shown in the image above).

While I don’t actually know a while lot about Liz, I really like the message she is trying to send through her music. According to Liz, ‘Rise Up’ is about not living a life of complacency and give more, which encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to rise up in their communities:

“It is a call to action that says it’s time to stop living a life of complacency or in the words of the song, it’s time for us to ‘take less and give a little more. Rise Up! is more than a song, it’s a movement.”

Liz also started her own movement called the #RiseUpMovement on social media:

“The #RiseUpMovement is all about telling the stories of people who are positively impacting the world and encouraging people of all ages and walks of life to Rise Up in their communities. We turn on the news and are constantly bombarded with negativity and so it’s easy to feel powerless, but the #RiseUpMovement is spreading the message that we can do amazing things when we work together.. when we make LOVE our theme, and PEACE our goal.”

Anyone is able to do their bit for the movement by heading over to social media and using the hashtag #RiseUpMovement. Stories that are shared via the movement will be put on Liz’s website for more exposure.

Rise Up! is the debut single taken from her upcoming EP which is set to be released sometime next year. You can listen to Liz’s Rise Up for yourself below:

Get to know Liz Loughrey


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