Tired Lion (Sophie Hopes, Matt Tanner, Ethan Darnell and Nick Vasey) are back with a new song and video for their latest track ‘Agoraphobia’. I am so glad to see Tired Lion are back with new material. Tired Lion are one of my current favourite Australian groups going right now.

I highly suggest checking out some of their other tracks, mainly ‘I Don’t Think You Like Me‘, it’s a great track!

Now, onto the actual reason why you’re here, and that is to check out Tired Lion’s new track and video for ‘Agoraphobia’. Agoraphobia, according to Tired Lion’s frontwoman Sophie Hopes; the song comes from inspiration from the panic disorder that results in an extreme fear of open or public places:

“I remember when I was going through it I really thought there was something wrong with me and you really try and be something that you’re not at the time and the only way to fix the problem is to go, “Okay cool, so that’s a thing that I’ve got and I just need to work with it in my own way” and realise how to tackle it rather than just giving up on yourself.”

Tired Lion’s ‘Agoraphobia’ is now available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Vinyl. Or you can check out Tired Lion’s ‘Agoraphobia’ for yourself below:

Tired Lion are also going to be playing five gigs with Violent Soho throughout October and November in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Head on over to Violent Soho’s website to grab your tickets now.

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