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Winterplan (Members: Dave, Jules, Clara & Pip) are a four-piece from Melbourne that recently released a double single featuring two songs from their upcoming medical-themed EP, which doesn’t have a release date as of yet. Which is a shame, because I want more synth music from Winterplan as soon as possible.


The two songs that I was sent were two songs that are heavy on the synth and heavy on an atmospheric level, which I hope to eventually see live; ‘SS’ and ‘AICD’ from their EP. ‘SS’ is the synthiest (is that a word?) of the two, with a big space atmosphere and minimal vocal work, where is ‘AICD’ is more mellow and has a spacier (is that word?) vocals that sounds like a higher power.

AICD also sounds like it is a song that is preparing you for take off in a spaceship due to the person in the song giving us interval updates on some sort of percentage of something. Now that I think about it, the EP is medical-themed, so it would have nothing to do with space and more to do with medical procedures. Maybe I am thinking about this way too much!

The downside of hosting a radio show on Wednesday nights is that I don’t get to play great new Australian music like this until next week’s episode, but until then, you can listen to both of the singles for yourself below:

Other Winterplan Music

Just like with any other band I discover for the first time, I like to go through their Soundcloud profile and listen to their music chronologically and pick out music for you, the audience, to check out! So here are a couple of songs from Winterplan’s Soundcloud I suggest having a listen to, which features four songs: ‘Eyes in the Dark’, ‘Kindness To Strangers’, ‘Palindroma’ and ‘Taking The Sun’ (which reminds me of an 90s video game).

As mentioned above, Winterplan also released a really good song I found called ‘Palindroma’, but seeing as they actually have a music video for it, I thought it would be worth watching and sharing on Eat This Music, which you can watch below:

Now that you’ve got so much Winterplan music to check out before their EP comes out, you should hit Winterplan up on their socials and let them know how much you adore their music. Clara from Winterplan was nice enough to take the time to send me an e-mail to check out their music. I’m going to tell them how much I liked ‘Taking The Sun’.

Get to know Winterplan


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