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How would you like some of Australia’s best DJs to come to your school and play a silent disco in your school halls? Well, from October, Jake Stone (Bluejuice), Just a Gent, KLP, The Aston Shuffle and even Zia from The Dandy Warhols are among those who will DJ at lucky schools as part of a one-of-a-kind silent disco for students.

The Playground Sounds Summer Series (a brand new health and wellbeing program that encourages students to get moving through the use of silent disco headsets) is all about silent discos, exercise and Well-being for Australian students from ages 5-18.

The CEO of Playground Sounds, Greg Mathew, says that this program is a unique exercise experience for school students around the country:

“Not only does the Playground Sounds introduce them to new music but it combines the two [music & exercise] in a fun environment where we can educate students on a number of important issues and allow the school to work together to unlock some cool prizes, measured by our wearable devices.”

Djs on the list include I Oh You DJs, Jake Stone, Jayteehazard, Just a Gent, KLP, Levins, Purple Sneakers, The aston Shuffle, DJ Rescume, Tenzin and more as shown on the post below.

Registrations are now open for schools who want to take part in the Summer Series with Playground Sounds for the remainder of the 2016 calendar. Schools can register and get more info at:


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