Love Zombie (Fronted by Hollis and Davey, with Chema, James, and Rex) is a Rock band from from the Los Angeles via the U.K. and they recently released their first single called Birthday from their forthcoming album called ‘Passionfruit’.

Lead singer Hollis calls Love Zombies’ music high vibrational rock and roll:

“Love Zombies is more than a band to me. It’s a lifestyle choice. Choosing to live as a Love Zombie is waking up and choosing to try to live consciously on a daily basis from a place of love, empathy, compassion and respect for yourself and others. I try to incorporate these kind of important messages into our music in a fun, lighthearted and meaningful way.”

While I don’t know a whole lot about Love Zombies – which isn’t much – I really dig the fast rock vibes of the track, especially from Hollis’ vocals and I like that the drums seems to be the most prominent instrument in the track.

I really don’t have much else to say about them because I actually don’t know a whole lot about them, but if they continue to release tracks like Birthday and the tracks mentioned below, then I am keen to continually plug their music on the website and radio program when I get the chance.

You can listen to Love Zombies’ Birthday below:

Now just like with any other band that I discover for the first time, I like to go through their music history via their Soundcloud profile (Spotify too) and have a listen to their other music that I think is worth sharing on this website.

Love Zombies have a couple of good songs that I actually enjoyed, called ‘Teleportation’, ‘International Bug’ and ‘Age of Aquarius’.

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