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Bad//Dreems are a band I haven’t played before on the show or actually wrote about on Eat This Music, so they’re still new ground to me I have yet to discover. After listening to their new track ‘Mob Rule’, I’d really like to go and listen to more of their music in my spare time. I am a massive fan of fast-rough music with angry vocals.

According to Bad/Dreems’ vocalist, Ben, the track “paints a picture of Australian dystopia”:

“‘Mob Rule’ paints a disturbing picture of Australian dystopia. “Face full of black soot, right wing, left foot. History doesn’t mean a thing to you!”. It’s an unwelcome diorama, underpinned by the ugliness of the angry mob.”

You can also find Bad//Dreems’ ‘Mob Rule’ via Google Play and iTunes. Or just listen to it via Spotify below.

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