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Bec Sandridge is an artist I enjoy a lot. I mean, a whole lot. I recently purchased her vinyl (which included ‘In The Fog, In The Flame’ and ‘You’re A Fucking Joke’) – which you can purchase for yourself by heading on over here and while I haven’t actually opened it (same goes for my LIGHTS vinyl), I absolutely enjoy Bec Sandridge’s music, I wrote about Bec’s music on a couple of different occasions, here and here.

However, I am really glad to write that Bec Sandridge has has released a new track called ‘High Tide’, just mere days before her gig as part of the Yours and Owls Festival this weekend. I didn’t think Bec could get any better after ‘In The Fog, In The Flame’ and ‘You’re A Fucking Joke’, but she has.

About ‘High Tide’, Bec Sandridge explains the journey of the process from living overseas to returning to Sydney to finish the record:

“‘High Tide’ was written when I was living overseas so I came back home to record it with Tony in Sydney… The rest of the EP was written and recorded, and this song seemed to be the missing part of the record and also some form of closure for that part of my life. Somehow I always found myself being interested in someone I couldn’t have physically or emotionally. My best pal pulled me up on it. I think it was a defence mechanism really… I was living in Scotland and I literally started dating someone from Sydney two weeks before I left… I guess this is about that… knowing something can’t work but not being able to or not wanting to break that bad habit.”

“High Tide” by Bec Sandridge is out now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music. You can listen to it below and find it on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Bec Sandridge will be supporting Cub Sport throughout October and November for Cub Sport’s national tour. You will be able to catch Bec and Cub Sport in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney at their respective venues; Fat Controller, Jimmy’s Den, Howler, The Evelyn Hotel, The Brightside and the Oxford Art Factory in their respective cities.

Friday, 21 October | Fat Controller, Adelaide
Saturday, 22 October | Jimmy’s Den, Perth
Friday, 4 November | Howler, Melbourne
Saturday, 5 November | The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne (under 18)
Thursday, 10 November | The Brightside, Brisbane
Friday, 18 November | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Saturday, 19 November | Oxford Art Factory, Sydney (under 18)

Head on over to Bec Sandridge’s website to grab tickets now:

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