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Jack River (secret identity: Holly Rankin) has a debut EP coming out next Friday called ‘Highway Songs No.2’. I have an advanced copy of it and I can’t wait for you all to hear the great music Jack River has created for you to enjoy. Jack River’s debut EP contains seven songs, but until then, Jack River has released one of the tracks off of it called ‘Palo Alto.

‘Palo Alto’ is the second track to be released form her EP, the previous track being ‘Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby‘, which I absolutely enjoyed and played on a previous episode of Eat This Music.

On the creation of the song Palo Alto, Jack reminisces about how it become a home for her memories and sentiments of a period of time in her life:

“I wrote and recorded Palo Alto through so many times in my life that the song became a kind of folder for memories and sentiments over a long stretch of time. I started writing it in my hometown, then continued it in Sydney (my friend lived in a building called Palo Alto), and then wrote the rest in different trips to the studio.”

On the actual quality of sound of Palo Alto, Jack always intended for it to sound like a “sun-drenched gritty” track, fool of synths and guitars inspired by the 90’s:

It was always destined to be sun-drenched and gritty and gilded in synths and electric guitars – I wanted to find the line between the 90’s, early 2000’s and now, and blend all my dreams of a highway song into one. The moment this song came together, production-wise, it felt like the beginning of Jack River. It’s about letting go but not giving up, melancholic-but-sure endings, and people realising magic when it’s too late – even though you knew it all along.”

Jack River’s debut EP ‘Highway Songs No.2’ is due out on October 7 by I OH YOU, but it is available for pre-order right now via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and JB Hi-Fi.

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