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He Danced Ivy are back with a new track (the debut track from their debut album) and also details on their upcoming LP ‘The Verbal Kind’ LP; to be released October, 2016. I wrote about He Danced Ivy last month when they first released one of their tracks called ‘Mechanesque‘, so I am glad to write that they are back with a new track and additional first-time information on their upcoming LP.

First off, you can watch the music video for their new track below. It features the He Danced Ivy guys surrounded by green. According to He Danced Ivy’s guitarist and vocalist, Dave Cheney, the track is about the dangers of pursuing:

“The song touches on the cliche of grass always being greener on the other side, and the danger in pursuing that other side. The main theme of the track is the struggle for individuality, and how sometimes we can break ourselves down in an attempt to belong.”

You’ll be able to catch He Danced Ivy launching their debut album on Thursday, October 27 at Crowbar Brisbane, and Saturday, October 29 playing the Banana Field Festival in Coffs Harbour.


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