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Foam are a band I enjoy a lot. They have previously released a song called ‘I Could Milk Myself‘, and it was well received because it was great.

However, FOAM are back with a second single called ‘Get On Board’, and it is all about a person and a ‘sneak attack’ acid trip from his deadbeat housemates and the trip involved with it. ‘Get On Board’ comes off their upcoming debut album (title and release date TBA).

Joel, the vocalist of the band, said the track is the most “manic” of the whole lot so far, with snide and sarcasm to boot:

“Get On Board is the second single of our upcoming LP, and probably the most manic. Lyrically it is super sarcastic and snide. It’s a reaction against the people who expect a free pass in life, and choose to cruise on through with no direction or ambition. “Each to their own” is all well and good, but c’mon, you’ve only got one shot at this, everyone.”

Joel also talked about collaboration with John McGovarin – who worked with Pat Chow and Verge Collection – on the direction and overall tone of the music video:

“It was after we saw his psychedelic video for Pat Chow’s ‘Bad Thoughts’ that we decided to bring him on board.”

I can’t claim to know what an Acid trip feels like, because I have never been on one – not that I am saying the guys from Foam have – but if it is anything like this, I assume I would be very paranoid. You can check out the music video and new single by FOAM for yourself below:

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