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All the way back on December 5, 2015 – before Eat This Music was even what it is today – Sparrows released her first single called ‘On Your Own’. I digged it so much, it was worth a play on my first radio program SNL and Sparrows’ new song is definitely worth a play on Eat This Music.

Speaking of Sparrows and her new song, called ‘Get To Know You’, I am glad to write that Sparrows is back with a new song. It has been a while, and I hope it isn’t longer until another new song is released too.

Sparrows talked about the production of the song being a process involving a couple of household items:

“I had laid down a beat, which included recordings of a stapler, lighters and a ping-pong ball. I sat on it for a few weeks not yet knowing it’s home.”

Of course that wasn’t the only process that went into the creation of the song – a lot of hours and work went into it, including bonding with a fox, smurfs, and other beings in the wild:

“I found myself in a magical setting where the sun was setting on partygoers in wacky costumes. There was a fox, a swarm of smurfs urging a panda to skull a shot of Listerine and a pirate with a tutu. We were all together in our own special world of weirdness. I got to think who are all these amazing people? The beauty of this entire setting was that we had the freedom to express our identities and be accepted in all of our states of existence and that’s what has inspired this song.”

Regarding that quote above: I absolutely love the cover art Sparrows has created for the single. The Fox with Purple gloves is a great image.

Launch shows for Sparrows single ‘Get To Know You’, including an accompanying music video will be revealed in the coming weeks. I will definitely be posting about it once I get the information from Sparrows.

Get to know Sparrows


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