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A couple of weeks ago I talked about how much I absolutely loved Tkay Maidza’s ‘Carry On’ track featuring Killer Mike of Run The Jewels. Well, now she is back with a music video of Carry On for you to enjoy. And, goddamn, Tkay Maidza (and Killer Mike) doesn’t disappoint at all!

However, even though Killer Mike doesn’t actually appear in the video – I guess due to other commitments – his vocals still reign through this song while Tkay dances, and it isn’t that much of an issue at all because the track is badass and the music video is just fantastic. So many colours and dancing and complete satisfaction.

Tkay explains Carry on as a way of her going through troubles and how Killer Mike played the role of her substitute big brother:

“‘Carry On’ is kind of about me going through troubles and he acts as a big brother, which is really cool,” she says of Killer Mike as the Run The Jewels rapper gives Tkay some sage advice about busting through the haters trying to stand in her way. “The song is me saying ‘there’s so many people coming round trying to steal something from me but I just want to have fun’.”

‘Carry On’ is from Tkay Maidza’s debut album TKAY, available 28th October 2016 (Australia / N America) & 10th January 2017 (Europe). Tkay Maidza’s ‘TKAY’ is now available for pre-order via her official website, iTunes, Spotify, JB Hi-Fi, Get Music and Sanity.

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