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BRISBABES is an all-female even that celebrates female musicians from Brisbane, Australia. And while this is the official first person of the BRISBABES event, it is actually the fifth Brisbabe event in its chronological order!

Those playing BRISBABE’s first birthday include the sounds of Quintessential Doll, Stevie, Whalehouse, and Blaq Carrie.

Founder of Brisbanes, Emma Jones tells how important the on year is and what is means to her:

“I can’t believe it’s been one year since the first BRISBABES came out. This is now the fifth one, and I am so excited for what the next year will bring. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, the artists and The Foundry this year. I’m so amazed at the constantly growing female-fronted music scene, and am excited to say I can already see changes in the scene since I first started this!”

Tickets are on sale right now. BRISBABES #5 kicks off from 8pm, October 1st.

Click on the giant poster below to grab your tickets now!


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