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I never get sick of mentioning how much I enjoy discovering new music for the first time. Especially when it comes for the artist themselves, or even a company representing an artist, or even another artist promoting me to a fellow artist. It just feels good.

What does this have to do with Wallace and her new single ‘Raffled Roses’? Well, that first part was mostly about me appreciating the fact I get the chance to listen to new music. That’s all. Now onto Wallace and her new single – did I mention it’s called ‘Raffled Roses’?

Wallace’s ‘Raffled Roses’ is a sweet song, and I don’t mean in a girly way about butterflies and sunshines, I mean in a way about how it sounds great and the lite-heartedness of the track plays well in theme of Roses.

On the release of ‘Raffled Roses’, Wallace describes the song as a perfect way to counter her ‘cold heart’:

“A very close family friend back home in NZ breeds orchids, and surprised me with a hippeastrum he’d bred and officially named ‘Vinyl Skip’ (after my first single). He is currently working on one for ‘Beauty’, and will continue to breed one for every one of my singles. He and my mum have had a running joke for years that I’m a bit of a heartbreaker – I thought the image of raffling off roses was a perfect way to marry his botanical prowess with my apparently ‘cold heart'”

You can listen to Wallace’s ‘Raffled Roses’ for yourself below – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

While I don’t know a whole lot about Wallace, but what I do know – from information provided and by doing a little bit of my own research – about Wallace is that she is from New Zealand, and she has released four previous songs called ‘Vinyl Skip’, ‘Beauty ft. Sampa The Grat’, ‘Negroni Eyes’, and ‘Is It You?’.

I went through Wallace’s Soundcloud and had a listen to each of those songs and I have to admit: ‘Beauty ft. Sampa The Great’ is a really good and beautiful song – no pun intended, or maybe intended – and it is worth giving your attention. Seriously, listen to it below and judge for yourself.

Head on over to Wallace’s website right now to grab some of her other music.

Get to know WALLACE:

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