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Leuspage is an Australian rapper and producer from Sydney, and he recently collaborated with Fluer Wiber – featured in the June 22nd episode of Eat This Music, which you can listen to here – on a track called ‘Voices In My Head’.

Everyone has a voice in their head, I just wish the one’s in my head were as calming as Fleur Wiber. I guess we know who the voices are in Leuspage’s head. Spoiler: it’s Fluer Wiber and her amazing voice.

While I was forwarded the above song by Leuspage, I thought I would go through his Soundcloud and check out some of his other work. I highly suggest having a listen to the follow tracks below that I really liked – featuring ‘Love Hungry’,’Sonshine’ and ‘Dungeon Heart’ – that you can listen to below:

While I don’t know a whole lot about Leuspage, I am glad he got in contact with me so I could get to know more about him and his music. You can get to know Leuspage and his music over at his Soundcloud and the links below.

Also have a listen back to Fleur’s latest track ‘Rolling to Coogee’ below.

Get to know Leuspage and Fleur Wiber:

Leuspage: Facebook / Twitter / Reverbnation

Fleur Wiber: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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