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I don’t know a whole lot about Love Ghost, but I do like the fact that their style is very 90’s-inspired by teenage rock! The best kind of teenage rock.

Love Ghost are a four-piece band of friends from Los Angeles, California, and they have been building a large following as of late, thanks to their kickass tunes.

On the process of creating their garage style of music, Love Ghost’s lead vocalist and lyricist, Finnegan Bell, describes the process as a stream of consciousness and emotional an emption journey:

“It’s a shame that people tend to shy away from anything that feels too personal, because those types of things let you know who you really are.”

You can listen to Love Ghost’s ‘Friday Afternoon’ for yourself below. Enjoy.

I also wanted to do some more research on Love Ghost – just because I was curious about their other music – and their music, so here is one other songs you should check out; I think they’re good.

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