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Soto Voce are a band I know nothing about – when I first saw their name, I was saying it completely wrong in my head to begin with: “Soto Voice”; when their name is actually pronounced “Soto-Vochay” – but I was glad to see an e-mail in my inbox about Oakland’s Soto Voce – aka Kenny Soto and Miguel De Vivo – and their brand-spanking new debut single called ‘Better’. Everyone’s lives would feel better with this song. Pun intended!

Soto Voce’s ‘Better’ is a soothing song that isn’t too heavy on the wub-wub music and isn’t too heavy on loud vocals. Kenny and Miguel have created their own unique voice with hypnotic based melodies.

On the production of the first single, Soto Voce’s Miguel explained their debut single as a way of bettering everyone’s past:

“‘Better’ is a sentiment about self-acceptance, and acknowledgement, and overall mental sanity. It’s the idea that we can be better than our past, and what ramifications and closure come with being “better.””

I am looking forward to seeing what Soto Voce comes up with next. But, until then, you can listen to Soto Voce’s debut single ‘Better’ for yourself below. Enjoy.

Now that you have listened to Soto Voce’s kickass debut single, I highly suggest hitting Soce Voce up on their social media platforms and letting them know what you think. I know I am! You can find Soto Voce on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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