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I can assure you, prior to writing this piece, I hadn’t heard of Zack Clyburn. What white male from Sydney, Australia has heard of any independent rapper from the other side of the world? Well, I was glad to get a new e-mail in my inbox from Zack asking me to check out his music.

Zack is a rapper from Lancaster, South Carolina, and he has recently released two songs, ‘Keep It Positive’ and ‘Beautiful Dreams’. You can listen to and watch the Beautiful Dreams music video for yourself below. Which features a whole lot of Zack’s family and friends.

And while he did ask me if I could have a listen to those two songs – which I think are great – I wanted to search deeper into who exactly Zack Clyburn is before writing this piece, so I went through his Soundcloud page and checked out some of the other tracks he had created. While I do highly suggest checking out his two latest tracks, ‘Beautiful Dreams’ and ‘Keep It Positive’, I also suggest checking out ‘Searching‘, ‘That’s Cool‘, ‘Wake Up‘, ‘ColorVibes‘, and ‘Illin’ with the MPC‘, just to name a few that I really enjoyed.

However, one of the other specific track he asked me to check out was ‘Keep It Positive’, which I really liked how chilled it is and isn’t too heavy with profanity and heavy hip hop beats. Good stuff. You can listen to it for yourself below:

Something I really like about Zack’s music – which I pointed out to him in the reply e-mail – is that his music doesn’t feature a whole lot of excessive profanity and heavy beats like numerous other rap artists. That’s why I like the different type of rap music Zack has created.

Zack released an EP called ‘Happy Unhappy’ back in September 2015, you can find that here.

You can get to know more about Zack Clyburn via his social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And you can find more of Zack’s music video Soundcloud and YouTube.

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