Here are a bunch of new singles that were released today (and during the week) from the likes of Kishi Bashi, Tommy-Lee Richards, Mild High Club and Jacques Green. I wanted to put them all in the same post because I think it’s better to cover all bases, but if you do want to check out individual pages, do so by clicking on the links above.

Let’s get this started:

‘Hey Big Star’ by Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi has a new album coming out on September 17 called ‘Sonderlust’. And this is one of the songs from that release called ‘Hey Big Star’.

Ishibashi notes that the songs on the album didn’t come immediately or through his usual provess: “As I sat down to write songs last summer, I went to all my usual conduits of creation: violin loops, guitar, piano, and I came up with the musical equivalent of fumes”, says Ishibashi. “I tried to create orchestral pop recordings that I assumed were my forte, and in turn I found myself standing in front of a creative wall of frightening heights.”

‘Madness’ by Tom Lee-Richards

Tommy-Lee Richards’ features New Zealand singer-songwriter Monique Shelford’s vocals. ‘Madness’ is about the tension of ownership and blame when it comes to negotiating relationships.

‘Skiptracing’ by Mild High Club

Mild High Club has a new album coming out called ‘Skiptracing’ and this is a song from Skiptracing, called ‘Skiptracing’. It’s a great introduction to the album and things to come when it is finally released on August 26. I will have a review of it on the day. Stay tuned!

In crafting Skiptracing, Mild High Club has made an album that strikes a balance between the known and unknown aspects of art and creation. While Brettin sought to have complete control over the creation of the previous album, in opening up and allowing these creative variables in, he learned a valuable lesson that lies at the heart of Skiptracing itself: “When you wish upon the unknown, you might be surprised by the rewards.”

‘You Can’t Deny’ by Jacques Greene

This is the first piece of music from Canada’s Jacques Greene in over two years! If he is going to make more music like this, then it was worth the wait.

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