West Thebarton Brothel Party is a long name for a band, but it’s okay when the band is actually good and make good music and happen to recently sign with a new agency, that agency being 123 Agency; and they also dropped a new single to celebrate, called ‘Dolewave’.

The new song ‘Dolewave’ is a good track and a pretty good new single to drop.

“The main thing I want to say about ‘Dolewave’ is that it’s a song that riffs on how we as a band and other bands who may sound like us are labelled with something that we don’t really identify with. I feel like the term ‘dolewave’ is a reductive one that society or critics think is a ‘cool, groovy’ compliment, and tends to be used to identify a whole sound and approach to music. Some might see being an artist on the dole as a romantic lifestyle choice. I’ve lived on the dole before, and it’s not glamorous, but some people on the outside tend to think that it’s really romantic, carefree and that all artists on the dole do is party all the time, drink all the time and do whatever they want without consequence. This song comes from being frustrated by that lifestyle, and from being uncomfortable with a label that attempts to lump the diversity of all the bands living like that into one ‘scene’.”Ray Dalfsen (vocals/guitar)

‘Dolewave’ is the new single from West Thebarton Brothel Party’s forthcoming Red or White / Dolewave 7″ out through Clarity Records on 2 September 2016. You can listen to it for yourself below.

To celebrate its release, the band will also be embarking on the ‘Four More Years Tour’ – a national tour with seven dates throughout September and October including BIGSOUND and several other inter-state festivals.

Dates are below:

Wollongong, NSW – Saturday September 3 – Rad Bar (TICKETS)

Sydney, NSW – Sunday September 4 – King Street Crawl (Free)

Brisbane, QLD – September 7 – 9 – BIGSOUND Festival (TICKETS)

Adelaide, SA – Saturday September 17 – Stonecutters Festival (TICKETS)

Melbourne, VIC – Friday September 30 – The Old Bar (door sales only)

Newstead, VIC – Saturday October 1 – Chopped Festival (TICKETS)

Adelaide, SA – Friday October 14 – Jive (TICKETS)

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