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I have to admit something to you: NOFX is my favourite punk band of all time. So you could imagine how excited I was to wake up to news of a new single from NOFX this morning, called, ‘Six Years of Dope‘, and the announcement of their new alum – due out October 7 – called ‘First Ditch Effort‘. Goddamn, I am so excited.

Not much has been announced about the album, other than it will feature 13 songs:

1: Six Years on Dope
2: Happy Father’s Day
3: Sid and Nancy
4: California Drought
5: Oxy Moronic
6: I Don’t Like Me Anymore
7: I’m A Transvest-lite
8: Ditch Effort
9: Dead Beat Mom
10: Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
11: It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom
12: I’m So Sorry Tony
13: Generation Z

You can check out the cover art for yourself below:

That’s pretty much it for now. I will post more when I get more information. Most probably closer to the release date of NOFX’s ‘First Ditch Effort’ on October 7th.

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