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One of the best things about running your own music-based website and radio program is the fact you get to discover new music. Not just local music (Australia), but also international music.

This time around I was contacted by a London-based due called ‘Cherryade’ – I will be playing their song tomorrow night on Eat This Music, make sure to tune in at 10PM! However, Cherryade got in contact with me asked very nicely if I could give their song a listen to and what I thought. Well I told them what I thought! It’s good, and it is definitely going to get played on the program.

Cherryade’s ‘The Crown’ is a song about the band not giving a shit about anymore, doing what they want, and releasing the music they want to release… even if other people are laughing at them.

We wrote The Crown about growing up in a small town where nobody had any ambition, and if you did you were laughed at. We then ran away to London and realised everything is the same everywhere you go. People are always going to talk about you, and make a big deal out of nothing. This is the song that made us realise we don’t give a shit anymore.

You can listen to Cherryade’s ‘The Crown’ for yourself below:

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