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This week on Eat This Music, I played the new song by GL called ‘Hallucinate’, and it’s great. And I am also glad to see that GL have also released a music video for Hallucinate – which you can check out for yourself below:

On speaking of the music video, GL noted:

We filmed the video for “Hallucinate” in the No One Special studio in East Brunswick with Ben Jones and Emilia Pike. Ben is a very clever DIY multidisciplinary artist who uses iPhone and a hand held video camera, we visited the iconic Mirabella lighting shop and the streets of Coburg to film footage which he warped into projections. The video really encapsulates the fantasy of hallucinations and the mundane reality check which doubtlessly follows.

A recurring theme on the album Touch is body contact: sweating silhouettes and music that releases a physical reaction. “It is very much dance music, but also about physical love”, Ella says.

Don’t forget, GL’s debut album ‘Touch’ is due out July 15!

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