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Sarah Mary Chadwick


I don’t know what it is about Sarah Mary Chadwick, but she has the most creative drawings for her releases, and most of them have to do with sexual things.

However, before I get to the cool feature of pre-ordering Sarah’s album – due out August 5 – Sarah Mary Chadwick has released a new single called ‘Cool It’, way ahead of the initial release of her solo album ‘Roses Always Die’ – which is due out August 5, have I mentioned that yet?

Cool It

‘Cool It’ is a description of time moving anxiously and the ways we get through our days. It casts a character as someone who will help the time pass more painlessly – though ‘You know, I’ll cool it off, it’s fine.’ Nothings going to happen, nothing ever does, roses always die – but they look good for that minute.

‘Roses Always Die’ Pre-order Bonus

With every pre-order of Sarah Mary Chadwick’s ‘Roses Always Die’, Rice is Nice is offering a free limited edition screen print from Sarah Mary Chadwick’s collection to the first 50 pre-orders. You can pre-order Sarah Mary Chadwick’s ‘Roses Always Die’ via Rice is Nice.


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