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GL are a band I like a lot. They released a lot of good music prior to their debut album launch that I really enjoy; Grip, Number One and Take Me Back – listen to all three (and the rest of their catalogue) of those over at Spotify before continuing this article – I have also played GL on Eat This Music a couple of times previously: ETM 11, ETM 22, ETM 29, ETM 62.


GL have announced their debut album ‘Touch’, which will be released July 15 on Midnight Feature/Plastic World via Inertia Music in Australia. Following this exciting announcement, GL have dropped a new track from Touch called ‘Hallucinate’.

Touch consists of 14 tracks, such as ‘Indigo’, ‘When Your Love Was Mine’, ‘Hallucinate’, ‘Melanie’, ‘Contact’, ‘Honey’, ‘Stars’, and many more.

It is very much dance music, but also about physical love”, ‘Grip’, the first track to be unveiled from the album, is about “the moment when something takes its grip and really has a hold on you, it can feel like a game of cat and mouse. You might say all the right things, try and keep your cool, but in the end your body does the talking.— Ella Thompson from GL

Head on over to GL’s Facebook and Twitter to let them know how excited you are about Touch.

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