I’m really enjoying this collaborating between BANFF and Caitlin Park, appropriately titled BANFF x Caitlin Park. The two of them released a song called ‘My Love, My Lover’, which I played last night on Eat This Music. So I am pretty glad to see a music video for it dropped today.

Director Smith explains her direction of the clip:

I was really drawn to a sense of disconnection and wanted to explore the clip through the eyes of a protagonist who was kind of lost in his own world, until finally this beautiful glowing beacon of love draws him back to earth – his lover. I wanted to give the audience a sense of pure authentic love and was really lucky to get that in both of the couples featured in the video; Bruno and Marian in their amazing Campsie hair salon, who also just happened to be ballroom dancing enthusiasts, and gorgeous Zsuzsana and Ashley who have just celebrated their 1 year anniversary and are ridiculously in love. I felt really lucky to have such glorious couples in the clip.

Here is the music video for BANFF x Caitlin Park’s ‘My Love, My Lover’ for you to enjoy:

BANFF and Caitlin Park have also announced a co-heading tour they will be going on this August, with shows in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane.

You can find out more about BANFF and Caitlin Park on their individual websites and social media platforms.

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