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Brisbane band ‘Barefoot Alley’ have released a new track called ‘See Me Clearly’ prior to their second album release later this year.

With ‘See Me Clearly’, siblings Hayden and Sophie both decided to explore an evolution in sound for the follow up, bringing into the studio the experience and knowledge that only comes from a battle-hardened outfit, building further on the pummelling rock riffs that they’re already well known for as well as delving into the negative space, slowing it down and steadying the sound. That’s where the first single, ‘See Me Clearly’, comes in.

We really had the time to branch out in the studio for this one,” says Hayden. “It afforded us a lot more chances to experiment, as well as having the capability to expand out from our traditional instruments – the first introduction of keys and a twelve-string guitar to the band on ‘See Me Clearly’ for example. — Barefoot Alley

‘See Me Clearly’ will be available for purchase from June 16. You can find Barefoot Alley on their social media platforms:


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