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TEES have released a music video to go along with their awesome song ‘Got The Feeling’, which you can listen to for yourself over at Spotify.

TEES teamed up with Mia Middleton to direct the video, which they say:

“captures the primal absurdity of human behaviour; seeking out textures and colours, transforming the purpose of mundane objects, all in the simple pursuit of sensation. Whatever its form, it feels good.”

TEES’ Lizzy Tillman and Sean Duarte explain:

“Got The Feeling captures the purity of sensation outside of knowing. Sometimes we get lost and begin to question the truth of experience. Got the feeling reminds us to let go of complications and allow yourself to feel.”

You can attend TEES’ Got The Feeling Tour at the following dates, time and locations below:

Friday July 8 — Rad Bar, Wollongong
Sat 9th July — The Oxford Circus, Sydney

TEES also appearaing at Yours & Owls: Daytime Is Young: Asta // Montaigne // TEES // Bec Sandridge // + More – 11:00am, Sat 18th June, 2016 — Wollongong Youth Centre, NSW

Label of Love: The Farmer and The Owl showcase – Sun 19 Jun 6:00 PM — Shadow Electric Outdoor Cinema

“Got The Feeling” is available now on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music.

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