The Delta Riggs have returned with a badass film clip involving a whole lot of nakedness for you to enjoy(?)

With the sound of an airborne Elliott Hammond, of girl’s hips moving, guitars chiming, moogs mooging, saxes gronking, Monte Monte’ing and kick drums kicking asses, The Delta Riggs have returned from outer space with a brand new track, “Surgery of Love.”

‘Surgery Of Love’ is the first light of new ‘Riggs since the release of last year’s ‘Dipz from the Zong’ EP and their last studio album ‘Dipz Zebazois’.

The guys are back in June for a series of galactic parties with mates The Pretty Littles & IOHYOU DJ’s. Check out the dates below:


Head on over to all good social media networks to find out more about The Delta Riggs:


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