1 AM Vibes is coming to Atlanta – featuring Speakerfoxxx and Hoodrich Keem

YesJulz! and the YesJulz! Agency is heading to Atlanta for their “1 AM Vibes” series on February 24 in Atlanta, Georgia. The previous 1 AM Vibes event was held in New York (and a future event is scheduled for Miami).

This time around, YesJulz has compiled DJ’s Speakerfoxxx and Hoodrich Keem for all your music needs on the night… early morning.


But hey, just in case you happened to miss the last time YesJulz and YesJulz Agency held a 1 Am Vibes – the last 1 AM Vibes party was in New York, and being absolutely awesome – you can watch how it went down, below:

I happen to live in Australia, so I won’t actually be able to make it to the show on the 24th, but I definitely do plan on making it to a future 1 AM Vibes event in the near future.

Head on over to the 1 AM Vibes website right now to get your tickets to the event and to find out more about upcoming 1 AM Vibes.

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