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1) “Phoenix” by FMLYBND
2) “Fool” by Boo Seeka
3) “A Moment To Return” by Why We Run
4) “Fast Forward” by Anna O
5) “Own Self” by Francesca de Valence
6) “Aeroplane” by Luca Brasi
7) “Spill Your Colors” by REYNA
8) “Body Suit” by Banoffee
9) “Friend Inside” by Bag Raiders
10) “Vicious Valentine” by Graphic Fiction Heroes
11) “The Sway” by Jessie Siren
12) “Home” by Chelsea Lankes
13) “Burn Baby Burn” by Stevie Cliff
14) “Last Dance” by Dua Lipa
15) “I Do, Do You” by HIGHS
16) “Ghost” by Old Sault
17) “Waiting” by Chloe

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