Keep Sydney Open

Keep Sydney Open is an online campaign about fighting Mike Baird and the New South Wales Government’s ‘lockout’ laughs of establishments after 1:30am in Sydney, Australia. At this point, Sydney has somewhat become a laughing stock and also a ghost town.

I signed the petition, because as someone that is in the Australian media/entertainment industry, I need to be able to continue to attend these places for fun, reviews, and to spread the word about good Australian (and International) music. If these places don’t exist (because of some dumb law) then how exactly are we going to continue to be a city that people want to visit and want to actually eventually live in.


A petition was started up called “Keep Sydney Open”. And the good thing about the petition is that the message isn’t just about keeping these places open beyond 1:30am, it’s about Sydney and how the city is becoming a ghost town.

In February, 2014 the NSW State Government imposed a suite of restrictions on inner city venues including a 1.30am lockout. In response, Keep Sydney Open was formed by a variety of key Sydney live music and performance venues, cultural organisations, artists and music industry stakeholders, joining together to highlight the unfair imposition these tough laws have had on those who work and play in this city.

Crucial live music venues in Sydney have closed, several hundred jobs have been lost and the magic around our city is fading. All this for a minimal impact on violence, which was shown to be in decline since small-bar licenses were granted in 2008.

We have distinctly chosen to avoid any beer-barns, alcohol companies and liquor industry groups from our alliance, because we believe that there are better things about nightlife than just the consumption and sale of alcohol.

This is not about entertainment vs safety. We believe that both can be achieved simultaneously, and that our legislators have an obligation to preserve freedoms for law-abiding citizens while making a night out safer.–Keep Sydney Open Organisers

I signed the petition, and you should to. You can sign the petition over at Getup.


So far, high-profile Australian DJs like Nina Las Vegas and Alison Wonderland have jumped on the bandwagon to speak their mind about this problem.

Nina Las Vegas:

Alison Wonderland wrote a long post over at her social media websites too, which you can check out below:

If it wasn’t for those many establishments that stay open late, DJs like Alison Wonderland and Nina Las Vegas wouldn’t have a career and wouldn’t be where they are at right now. And I’m not just talking about those two, their are many others out there that need these places too.


No support rallies or events for Keep Sydney Open have been announced yet, but I am sure something will be put together soon. You can head on over to Keep Sydney Open’s website for more updates. Don’t forget to follow them on their social media websites.

Mike Baird actually believes this whole Lockout Law thing is changing the city of Sydney for good. However, it isn’t, it is actually doing the opposite of that and it is also dividing the city, not just amongst voters, but also young people, teens, djs, entertainments, and just the general population of Sydney against the New South Wales Government and Mike Baird.

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