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I feel really bad about taking too long to post about this release from Bayonet. Mostly because Vince from Bayonet was nice enough to send me an email on September 1 asking me if I would do a review prior to the September 11 release of their EP ‘Elations’, however, things got in the way and I am getting around to it today, sorry, Vince and Bayonet!


Bayonet are a four-piece band from Sheffield, England; Lewis (Guitar and Lead Vocals), Danny (Bass and Backing Vocals), Vince (Guitar and Lead Vocals), and Sam (Drums and Backing Vocals) have put together a pretty good second release (The other being My View – check it out).

Bayonet’s Elations contains three really enjoyable songs you probably should be listening to:
1) Tell Me This Is Real
2) Weekend
3) Can’t Be Without You

Nothing against the two other songs, but, Can’t Be Without You is my favourite, followed by Weekend, and then Tell Me This Is Real. Either way, they are all just as catchy and enjoyable as the other and I think they stand strong on each of their own.

You can expect a song or two will be featured on future episodes of both Eat This Music and Saturday Night Live.

Don’t forget, Elations is available right now on iTunes and Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Head on over to Bayonet’s website for more; they also have a bunch of gigs coming up, make sure to check those out.

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