WhiteMoore are a five-piece band consisting of Barrington Mole (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Benny Ryan (Lead Vocals), Luke Inglis (Bass), Tom Scribbins (Drums) and Louise Tomlinson (Keys, Backing Vocals) from the U.K., and they are pretty good.

Following from their 2 previous successful albums (and 6 singles) ‘WhiteMoor‘ and ‘Horizons‘, WhiteMoor comes out next with their new album ‘Pause and Effect‘.

Benny’s vocals are crisp, the keys are loud, and they all work together great in this 11 track album. There really isn’t much I could add to this already great album that people need to pre-order. But;

I’m always pleased when I receive emails from people asking me if I would like to review their music – in this case: WhiteMoor’s new album ‘Pause and Effect’ – of course I would! Especially since this is a band that isn’t quite known to me, but I am really glad I was given the chance by Sound-Hub to hear WhiteMoor’s music for the first time (Not to take anything away from the other songs on the album, but, the opening song ‘Hollywood’, ‘A Cage for the Animals’ and ‘Masquerade’ are just fantastic), I really like what I got to hear from WhiteMoor’s Pause and Effect, and I’ll definitely be playing their music on Saturday Night Live when the album is officially launched.

Head on over to WhiteMoor’s website to get your copy now.

*A digital copy of ‘Pause and Effect was provided by Sound-Hub for this review

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