So I got to watch Coachella for the first time, and boy was it an experience. A whole of people I thought would be awesome to see weren’t all that great! And then I was surprised at getting the chance to hear some amazing artists for the first time.

Lights was absolutely amazing as always. I’ve had a massive crush on her for a long time and I was actually really surprised to find out this was her first appearance at Coachella. She seems like she would fit in well there. I really hope it’s not the last time we see her.

Toro y Moi:
This was the first time I have ever seen Toro y Moi, and goddamn they were great. Chaz is a badass musician and really impressive in whichever instrument he plays. Total boss.

Bad Religion:
I only caught a bit of theirs. Pretty good, it’s good to see them still going. But they didn’t fit that great with the Coachella crowd to be honest.

St. Paul and The Broken Bones:
St. Paul and the Broken Bones were really great, too. That voice. Seriously, massive and good. Not much else to say.

I don’t know what it is with these French artists, but they are fan-fucking-tastic. Yelle was absolutely brilliant. She had more energy than anyone at Coachella, in total. She can move, jump, dance, run, she can even do star jumps on the stage! She did! It was badass. She also had the greatest Coachella attire. She is such a cutie too. I have a crush.

Father John Misty:
I was really disappointed Aubrey Plaza didn’t join him for Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Chet Faker/Belle and Sebastian/The Weekend/Alt-J:
Didn’t interest me at all. Big letdown!

Jack White:
Didn’t think he was good as people thought he was. He also forgot a lot of chords, especially to Seven Nation Army! I could have sworn he just started playing whatever he wanted. People cheered anyway.

Tyler, The Creator:
Another really good act. His set was really good and active, and he wouldn’t stop movie, and he also took someone’s cereal from the crowd and their inhaler, too! Really fun show. He also gave a should out to Jack White and apparently he said something about Kendall Jenner, but I missed that bit, so I can’t confirm if it was badass or not. But Tyler, The Creator was really good.

Run the Jewels:
Run the Jewels were really, really, really good. I haven’t heard of them before, but I’m glad I have now. I mean, I won’t go and see them, but they were really good and easily in my top 3 of Coachella. So far. Unless something better happens on Sunday that can actually beat that bromance between El-P and Killer Mike, but as of right now, they are top-tier.

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