– “Back To You” by The Dead Love
– “Bad Influence” by Tinted Sun
– “Bantodine” by Jarrow
– “Here We Go Again” by Shikobi Inc.
– “Hey” by The Twoks
– “Bike” by Emma Anglesey
– “King of the Moon” by Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun
– “Latency” by Sidelines
– “Margate GF” by Harley Young
– “My Dad and Suzi Quatro” by The Cathars
– “Rays of Gold” by Lucky Bradford
– “Ready To Go” by The Fabergettes
– “Reflection” by The Desert Sea
– “Seapunk” by Braves
– “This Fox…” by Three Quarter Beast
– “To The Sky” by The Vemons
– “Tomb” by Monuments
– “Two Birds” by Tully on Tully
– “What Happened To Us?” by GL
– “Climbin’ Walls” by Strange Talk
– “Forget With Me” by Zoo Plane
– “Free Advice” by The Stained Daisies
– “Hesitate” by Jiordan Tolli
– “Hurricane” by Bad Vision
– “I Am Not an End” by Montaigne
– “I Don’t Mind” by Day Ravies
– “I Was Dreaming” by Robert Muinos
– “Life Tourist” by Foreign/National
– “Lions” by Peoples Palace
– “Medicate” by Private Life
– “My Dark Crusade” by Sophie Hanlon
– “Out of It” by It’s a Hoax
– “Poison” by March of the Real Fly
– “Damages” by When Giants Sleep
– “Dessert” by Childsaint
– “Feels Like Home” by Cosmo Black
– “Fortaque” by Just A Gent
– “Jumpin’ Beds” by Meredith
– “Kung Pao” by Silvertongue
– “Let Yourself Be Free” by Dark Fair
– “Smoke” by Ben Williams
– “Violets” by Belbel
– “Watercolours” by Real Slow

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