– “Our Way” by A.F. Paxton
– “Borders and Statelines by Luca Brasi
– “No Plan Now” by Charlie Monsoon
– “Nobody’s Girl” by Night Signals
– “Ocean” by The Owls
– “Old People” by Max Goes to Hollywood
– “Ready To Go” by Fabergettes
– “Western Rocker” by Bilby
– “White Flag” by Ecca Vandal
– “Zen” by Eves
– “Every Lie” by Meg Mac
– “Forces” by Stax Osset
– “Oh, Lover” by Ruby Boots
– “Poseidon” by Sures
– “Space Cadet” by Bow and Arrow
– “This Silly Fucking Thing” by Spookyland
– “Tigersharx” by Life Coach
– “Caught” by Eliza Hull
– “The Deep End” by Chicks Who Love Guns

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