– “Behind the Radar” by Daily Meds
– “Chemotherapy” by West Thebarton Brothel Party
– “Coca-Cola” by Little Red
– “Factotum” by Grenadiers
– “Flying Close” by Hudson and Troop
– “Girls” by Coach Bombay
– “Highway Girls and Well Dressed Boys” by Skarlett
– “Hollow Days” by North Arm
– “Into My Arms” by Bloods
– “Little Lions” by Rockwell & Groom
– “Mother/Father” by Lurch & Chief
– “Personality Disorder” by Ross de Chene Hurricaines
– “Pop Pipe” by The Weary
– “The Way Life Ruins” by The Lulu Raes
– “Walls” by Winters End
– “Wrecking Ball” by Nine Sons of Dan
– “Circles” by Vigilantes
– “Country Dreamin'” by From the South
– “Delicate Love” by Hannah Rosa
– “Dreamland” by Elyze
– “Jumps In” by Atollis
– “No Plan Now” by Charlie Monsoon
– “Rebels” by Damn Terran
– “Rogues” by Methyl Ethel
– “Spheres” by Salvadarlings
– “Still Shining” by Echo Drama

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