– “All That Gold” by Waterford
– “Break The Habit” by Godfrey Turner Overdrive
– “Bright Side” by Little Earthquake
– “Cut Tooth” by Crass Creatures
– “Death Train” by Cash for Gold
– “Down the Line” by Run Rabbit Run
– “Echoes In The Dark” by Tin Sparrow
– “Every man knows his plague; and you are mine.” by Tiny Little Houses
– “FOLDS” by Shadows On Blue
– “Font and Centre” by Revellers
– “Further” by Jiordan Tolli
– “Goodnight” by Cosmo’s Midnight
– “Guest List” by Go Go Fish
– “Hurt Me” by The Jezabels
– “It’s About Time” by Little Odessa
– “Just Like Normal” by Jim Lawrie
– “Kaleidoscope” by Horror My Friend
– “Mars” by Rainy Day Women
– “Money” by The Furrs
– “My Girlfriend” by Thee Gold Blooms
– “Prisoner of Pride” by Jordan Léser
– “R.I.P. Chix” by Tempura Nights
– “Rock, Papers, Scissors” by Bugs
– “Shooting From The Bell” by Emperors
– “Sick Sad World” by The Jensens
– “Six Foot Fences” by The Mouldy Lovers
– “Sleep Tight” by The Bellastrades
– “Somebodies” by Greta Stanley
– “Streets Ahead” by The Great Awake
– “Sundown” by Morning Harvey
– “Take Your Time” by Old Pines
– “Wisdom Teeth” by WAAX

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