– “You Won’t Be The One” by Marksman Lloyd
– “Geometrics” by Stax Osset
– “Evie” by Cub Sport
– “Born To Breed” by Oliver’s Army
– “Awaken” by Kate Martin
– “Attend You Defence” by Hey Denise
– “Behind The Beat” by The Joe Kings
– “Do It All Again” by The Strums
– “Girls Don’t Cry” by San Cisco
– “Hands” by When We Were Small
– “Kill ‘Em All” by The Ninjas
– “Rum ‘n’ Cola” by Jenny Broke The Window
– “The Devil Inside Me” by Arts Martial
– “Waves” by Say Please
– “Captured” by JOY.
– “Evil Girl” by The Ampersands

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