– “Waves” by Luca Brasi
– “Not Ready for Love” by Rita Satch
– “Two Sides Of Me” by Raging Serfs
– “Rough Side of Town” by Eleanor Dunlop
– “Parting Pt. 1” by Sail On! Sail On!
– “Emerge N See” by KryptamistiK (feat. DCP)
– “Counting Sheep” by Outlines
– “Runnin'” by RUNFORYOURLIFE (feat. Nadee)
– “The Weekend Bends” by The Bon Scotts
– “Lonely Heart” by Sun Comes Out Twice As Bright
– “Howling At The Moon” by The Stained Daisies
– “Dead Love” by EEO
– “Spits on Girls” by Amy Shark

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